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A look into disability on and around the University of Illinois campus

Welcome to Illini News Now!

From the wheelchair athletics at the University of Illinois, to a local prosthetics and orthotics business in Urbana, we take a look at the usually overlooked area of disability in the Champaign county area. 


Our look at Illini wheelchair athletics takes us to the story of Ryan Neiswender, a junior standout on the wheelchair basketball team, who is making strides to reach the next level in his sport while establishing himself as one of the all-time greats in Illinois' history. We'll also take a look in at the wheelchair track team, which has molded talent in the past, including Tatyana McFadden, owner of many Paralympic gold medals and top-tier marathon titles. The team is making way for a new generation of stars, which will be molded through old-fashioned hard work.


Outside of the campus, our reporters went to Urbana to look into a local business: OMNI Prosthetics and Orthotics and get an idea about the mysterious world of prosthetics. Our reporters got a sneak peek into the process of acquiring and be fitted for a prosthetic and will take you, the viewer, on a journey through the process. 


We hope to shine a light on the otherwise relatively uncovered area of disability in our community.  

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